fe-safe is your lifecycle calculation tool

Manufacturers in the automotive or machine construction industries always face the challenge of finding ways to

  • scale down material consumption
  • reduce the weight of individual components
  • increase robustness
  • reduce production time

Many companies use Abaqus and other types of FEA to determine the level of stress on individual components. The results, however, often still are used to determine fatigue limits manually based on stress points in combination with the respective materials spreadsheets. Not only is this approach time-consuming and often over conservative, it also is inaccurate because the location of a failure easily can be overlooked.

Thanks to its interface with all standard FEA suites including Abaqus, ANSYS, and Nastran, fe-safe enables you to conduct automated lifecycle analyses. The focus of fe-safe is on multi-axial strain-based fatigue methods and welding seam analysis. fe-safe features the following components:

  • fe-safe: multiaxial fatigue analysis for complex models and loads
  • fe-safe/Rubber: unique technology for fatigue analyses of elastomers
  • Verity® Module: patented structural stress method for welding seams and structural and spot-welded joints
  • fe-safe/TURBOlife: thermomechanical fatigue analysis