Engineering & Support

Digital development based on simulations is critical if companies are to hold their own amongst their competitors. The art of simulation is in the combination of expertise and innovation. We at SIMUSERV offer you both – plus more than 50 years experience in software sales and cross-industry applications.

We offer individualised training and/or help with the development of new methods when you plan to introduce new tools. Of course, you can count on our extensive support in all your endeavours. Should you determine that the use of specific software is not paying off in your company, you can use our engineering services for individual projects including

  • choosing a material approach for hyperelastic or plastic behaviour with or without damage in Abaqus
  • developing new methods for process mapping or
  • automating pre- and post-processing activities via user interfaces, scripts, or workflows in Isight

If you can spare a moment, contact us right away. We only need 15 minutes of your time to find out whether – and if so how – we can help you meet the challenges you are facing.