Tosca: optimisation based on FEA and CFD analyses

Innovative design should be lightweight, efficient, and durable. Tosca Structure and Tosca Fluid assist you with the design of individual components or entire assemblies that facilitates optimal use of available construction space and take relevant ancillary conditions such as total mass and maximum pressure into consideration.

Tosca Structure operates on the basis of FEA simulations and eliminates the need for time-consuming parametrisation. The tool is particularly well-suited for complex tasks involving contact, non-linear materials, and major deformations. Optimised topology of design or parameters results in enhanced product performance. Because the diverse models are designed, tested, and compared virtually, development time is reduced and time to market is accelerated.

Tosca Fluid features unique optimisation technology for components and entire systems using CFD analyses. Leverage full design flexibility to develop innovative, optimised design concepts for defined package spaces and flow tasks.