The Art of Simulation in High Tech

As a player in the high-tech industry, your company not only delivers physical products, it also provides customers with interconnected and intelligent experiences. The pressures that result from extremely short product lifecycles and from the race for market leadership are your constant companions. What is the most effective and most efficient way to meet these challenges?

Data-driven, model-based virtual prototype development using highly accurate, multi-scale simulations for all physical areas – mechanical, electromagnetic, fluid, and thermal – and at all stages of your product design process – from early concept assessment to virtual conformity tests – is the only way to preserve your competitive edge in this demanding and complex industry.

This is where SIMULIA’s digital solutions come into play: With the Abaqus Unified FEA suite you can design products virtually, from thermal dimensioning to virtual drop tests; Tosca enables you to optimise the mechanical, thermal, and acoustic qualities of your products.


The CST Studio Suite® is comprised of a comprehensive software package for conducting 3D EM analyses covering the development, analysis, and optimisation of electromagnetic (EM) components and systems for applications across the EM spectrum. The most frequently aanalysed areas include antenna and filter performance and efficiency, simulation of signal integrity on PCBs, electromagnetic compatibility and interferences (EMV/EMI), and the contact of the human body with EM fields.

Based on 50 years of experience, we at SIMUSERV will support you and your applications on an equal footing. See for yourself how we can assist you with the SIMULIA product portfolio.